The Man Cave: In the Cave and Out of The Cave…More Than Just a Hang Out Spot

Posted on Nov 4 2013 - 10:00am by Jessi Meehan

(Article written by: Chris and posted on behalf of him by: Jessi)

In the Cave:

Ok, so what exactly is a “Man Cave”? Simply put, it’s a place for a guy to be alone, indulge in hobbies, and/or hang out with guy friends without fear of upsetting the special ladies in our lives. Hey guys, some psychiatrists say it’s important for a man to have a place to retreat, provide refuge from stressful surroundings and man caves are said to be beneficial to relationships! How can we lose with that kind of endorsement?

I’m lucky. I have got a GREAT man cave and get to go there for alone time, hobbies, and especially NFL Football which I love. (Even Jessi has gotten into Fantasy Football with me, one of my favorite hobbies.) My Man Cave is a guest house/office with a big screen HD TV, surround sound and a full kitchen! It’s pretty sweet. And not that it’s ever happened in almost 20 years of marriage…but if it did, I think it could serve as a really acceptable “dog house”. 😉


Anyway, I appreciate the time that I get to spend out there when I feel like it, and I can also appreciate being able to retreat when my wife needs some of her own time too. Consequently, I go out of my way fairly often to plan something special for her. It’s not always about spending money on gifts, but more so about spending some time thinking of something thoughtful and easy to do. That’s what brings us to “Out of the Cave”.

Out of the Cave:

I’ve found over the years that the appreciation level of any present or thoughtful action is not so much the size of the gift or treat, but the THOUGHT that went into it. As an example, it was really obvious not too long ago that Brenda needed a break. She’d been running around all week and kind of burning the candle at both ends so to speak. We are fortunate enough to have a backyard that we really enjoy, and that my sister in law refers to as “Puerto Backyarda.” So, when we want to pretend we’re on vacation…this is our destination of choice. Our friends Brian and Tania were here, and this note was on the door when the girls got home from a late morning walk around the neighborhood and I even included margaritas waiting for them.



It took me all of 5 minutes to type the note, and Brian and I had fun with the girls being “cabana boys” after they sat in the Jacuzzi and relaxed. Drinks and snacks in the “backyarda” plus Brian and I made a really nice and easy Mexican dinner, using food we already had in the house. Simple, not a ton of work, didn’t cost us any extra money, and the girls LOVED it. I think I may have even scored a “get out of jail free card” with this one. But the bottom line is, it just took some thought, no expense, and my wife had a nice relaxing afternoon with her friend that she really enjoyed and appreciated.  Brian and I even had fun too.

So there you go! My first Man Cave post. Can’t wait to share a few more ideas next time around! Do you have a special retreat or Man Cave? What are some things you like to do to make the ladies in your life feel special?

– Chris