The Man Cave: Labor Day Libations! It’s in The Mix…

Posted on Aug 30 2014 - 5:00pm by Chris Meehan

We were recently very happy to hear that Gavin and his fiance Carla were “coming up to Las Vegas”. Brief side note – I put that in quotes because Canadians live NORTH of the States but when they say they’re coming to Las Vegas, it’s always “we’re coming UP to meet you!” Likewise when they’re here in the states and going north to Canada, it’s “we’re coming DOWN to Canada….” I never get it, but anyway I digress. We were all very happy to have them “UP” to see us!

It seems one of the first things Canadians want to do when they get “UP” here is SHOP. Everyone says there is way more selection, and it’s very exciting to go out and have these new choices. Gavin and Carla really wanted to be out by the pool and hangout, so immediately off Gavin and I went in search for some new and tasty summer beverages to enjoy. You can’t go wrong with Bloody Mary’s and Margaritas, poolside!

Bloody Mary Cocktail Margarita Cocktail by the Pool

OUTSIDE THE CAVE – Gavin and I found some real winner drink mixes that we just HAD to pass along! It was about 109 degrees in Vegas when they got here…so our pool plan with great drinks was a big hit. So, (always thinking “3P”), we’re taking the guess work out of picking the perfect mix for your Labor Day Weekend cocktails!

Gavin tried Scales Bloody Mary Mix, gave it go…and had this awesome review to share! He’s quite the talker….as you can see. 🙂 You can check out where to pick up your own bottle HERE!


“Today I tried out Scales Bloody Mary Mix, now you have to understand before I do a write up on this that I am Canadian and we have a drink thats the exact same as a Bloody Mary but its called a Caesar and it is essentially the exact same thing…but with clam juice! I don’t know if you know any Canadians (haha…) but this Caesar drink is almost as prominent in Canada as snow is. So I would like to think of myself along with every other Canadian who enjoys the drink as an expert when it comes to tomato based adult beverages. 😉 At first glance scales seemed great, it was organic, no msg and all that good stuff, the salt in it was sea salt and they used Lea Perrins worchestershire sauce. I ended up doctoring it up a bit which to me enhanced the flavor and experience. I added two ounces of pickle juice, a few shakes of salt and paper, along with some celery and celery salt!

If you are into the spice thing which I totally am, feel free to add Siracha or Tobasco, it just made it lovely. All and all I would say this is a great product and I would buy it again, however, nothing really compares to taking a few extra mins to just make it yourself. The ingredients to a Blood Mary would probably cost you about 10$ in total however it could make a lot of them. The Scales product was $5.99 so as far as price is concerned they are about even. Hope you enjoy those sunny days with a nice cold Bloody Mary at your side, and if you’re ever in Canada try our version the Caesar, they are absolutely amazing!”

Carla tried this awesome Organic Margarita Mix from Tres Agaves! She LOVED her drink! Find out where to purchase Tres Agaves HERE!

IMG_4440 copy

Carla said, “The first thing I noticed was that this mix had absolutely ZERO preservatives and NO high fructose corn syrup. I fell in love immediately. You just can’t find mixes out there like this. There are literally only 3 ingredients, all of which I can pronounce…lime juice, agave, and fruit pulp! That’s it! It added the perfect mix of sweet and sour to my margarita and it almost felt…healthy! It was tangy, but not too tart with just the right balance of sweet to mellow out the tequila. I’m all about going organic when I can, and this mix really hit the spot while not making me to feel too guilty about going for a second one! I would definitely recommend this, and I would absolutely buy it again!”

There you have it! Two fresh Labor Day Libations to enjoy while grilling or just chilling this weekend! CHEERS! If you have a “must-have” mix you’d like to pass our way…we’d love to try them out. Share a comment or post on Facebook and we’ll take a sip of your favorites.