The Man Cave: LUCKY 21! Reacting BIG TIME – Inside the Cave!

Posted on Jul 8 2015 - 9:25am by Chris Meehan

I knew our 21st Anniversary was a few weeks away, but man were we busy…  Then it was a couple weeks away, then 8 days; and then THE WORD from Brenda; “don’t forget, it’s YOUR TURN to plan our Anniversary.”   Holy @#$%! I totally forgot that part!

PicMonkey CollageA

Well, think fast Mr. Caveman.  We’ve done a lot of anniversary things over 20 years, so thinking of something new and different (and with 8 days to go) seemed pretty daunting.  (I’m also limited to what we can do because I’m wearing a walking cast on my left foot for a month, but that’s another story; and a weak planning excuse…)

PicMonkey Collagedin

Successful Man Cavers must think fast and adapt to a challenge.  I’m thinking back to – what did we do very the first year?  We stayed at the Golden Nugget for one night and had a very romantic dinner at what became our favorite restaurant back in those days – Hugo’s Cellar at the 4 Queens.  We followed that by doing a little gambling, and found a Blackjack (21!) dealer named Juan that we both just totally lit up.  We won more than enough to pay for the room, dinner, and get massages the next morning!

massage poker

While 3P is about “simple”, our Anniversary planning is not, at least for me – Brenda (darn it) seems to come up with ideas in her sleep.  I’m not bad, but I definitely have to work a little harder…  (It must be a guy thing?? – READERS – PLEASE AGREE, there may be prizes later for the first 1,000…)  Back to reality I guess, part of the “planning” involves who can get the most with the least monies.  It’s also part of the fun.  So hey, it worked before, let’s crank that plan back up!

I called Golden Nugget and got a Deluxe King on a web special deal (man has she got me trained); plus I had seen another web coupon deal on restaurants and sure enough Hugo’s was part of it – 25% OFF  food and beverage if you book it a “certain way.”  A few noodles to work out, but got it done, and we’re in!

PicMonkey Collagevodka

We save change all year long, and put it into a green plastic sand pail.  About twice a year I take it all into a coin changer and it becomes – CAVIAR MONEY! We love a little of the stuff to celebrate with, so I’ll be picking up 2-3 small jars of it.  I’ll make a take-with basket of condiments that go with it, plus bring a little vodka (a must with Caviar!), of course a romantic Anniversary card and viola! INSTANT AFTERNOON CELEBRATION to start to the Anniversary when we check into the hotel around 3PM. After that the hotel has this giant sea life aquarium built around the pool area so we can hang out there for awhile before dinner.

Next, as we’re going to be in downtown Las Vegas and I’m on-line checking things out, I run into “20 Incredibly Romantic Things to Do In Downtown Las Vegas.”  I think this might be a special lucky Cave Man site for last minute planning!  Well, after reading it let’s say their version of “Incredibly Romantic” seems to be a bit of a stretch, (Hugo’s was highly recommended.  However, the person who wrote this definitely needs to get a life, but I digress…)


ANYWAY, the article is all about the Fremont Street Experience and little fun things to do while there, which we certainly will be.  I’ll throw in a couple of these before and after dinner that we that haven’t done before; and be quite sure, we’re going to be all over trying to find  the 2015 version of a 21 dealer like Juan; and it’s our 21st wedding anniversary!

Happy Anniversary Handwritten On A White Card

Wound up with a nice plan with my Canadian Blonde Bombshell and – I’m feeling Lucky!