The Man Cave: She Got Mail! Long Distance Valentine’s

Posted on Feb 3 2014 - 10:18am by Chris Meehan

(The following is based on a true story)…A Long Distance Week of Valentine’s Day!

Inside the Cave –

OK, this one goes back a bit, but shortly before Brenda and I got married I came up with the idea to surprise her for Valentine’s Day.  At that time she was still living in Canada and getting ready to move to the U.S. in a few months.  (This was 20 years ago and I’m pretty sure my motivation back then was to keep making sure she wouldn’t change her mind….)

Anyway, I went to Hallmark and bought seven (7) Valentine’s Day cards, some funny and some serious.  My plan was to mail one card a day my snail mail with the final (and mushiest) card arriving on Valentine’s Day!  I wrote some added comments in each card for the fun of it, and to personalize them more.


I had some experience with how ridiculously long it took (and still takes) to get a card from L.A. to North Bay, Ontario Canada (or anywhere else up there…)

Anyway, the first card went out and I nailed it.  Six days before The Day.  Brenda calls me and is totally confused about why I sent her a card so early.  I play dumb, but then next day she gets another.  Now she’s catching on and loving it.


This goes on until Card # 7 arrives on Valentine’s Day, and it’s the killer card. I’ve scored BIG TIME.  Brenda still tells people about this and it was 20 years ago!

3P NOTE:  This obviously takes some planning, but all in all it wasn’t that complicated. If you’re separated at Valentine’s Day and want to impress your significant other, try it!  It obviously would also work with any Holiday or special event day in your lives, and it’s a great, unique idea even if you’re in the same city.

Major “Brownie Points” for you when you pull this baby off!

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  1. Tracy February 3, 2014 at 10:26 am -

    Hi There 3P. Yes – I have been quiet for a bit but am now back on top of things (probably why I need 3P). Do you do house calls???? Anyways – I love this idea of multiple valentines going out each day particularly when couples are not able to be together for valentine’s day. This has been the case with my husband as well when he has been in Canada and I have been in Florida. As a matter of fact – last year we both prepared a lovely lobster dinner, got dressed up, laid the table at both homes and had dinner together on Skype. It was really fun and enabled us to spend the evening together. HINT – don’t try to kiss your honey on the computer screen. You leave lobster butter all over it!!! Thanks 3P for helping me keep my life on track 🙂

    • Jessi Meehan February 3, 2014 at 1:10 pm -

      Hi Tracy! We DO do house-calls on occasion…we wish you were closer so we could come by! 😉 Hahaha the lobster butter comment made me LOL, but I actually really love the Skype dinner date idea! That’s brilliant and I bet it was fun. Thanks for checking in with us!