The Man Cave: Six Super Ideas for Your Super Bowl Party!

Posted on Jan 25 2015 - 8:36am by Chris Meehan

Inside the Cave – The BIG GAME is approaching fast, and if you’re like me you’ll want to do something a little different and fun for your Super Bowl party! Here are six great ideas to help make your Super Bowl shindig unique and mighty memorable…

Textured Grass American Football Field

#1: If you’re not doing this one, it’s a TON OF FUN!! Score major points with… – A SUPER BOWL BETTING POOL! DOWNLOAD YOURS HERE!

This is an exceptionally fun and inexpensive betting game that keeps all of your guests even more excited every minute of the game to see if they are going to win a cash Super Bowl Pool betting prize (based on the score of the game). It’s extremely easy to set up and manage at any football party…plus, even more than the money: encouraging guest involvement always makes for a more interactive and entertaining party! (3P Note: I wrote the “how to” info. in the link below for someone who has never done this before. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up, and it’s worth it!) 

#2: ASTRO TURF your serving table! Anybody can put on a colored plastic table cloth, let’s serve our gridiron guests off the real thing – football turf! (OK it’s fake grass, but you get the point.) Measure your table and it’s a quick trip to Lowe’s and get enough to make your own football field of foodie dreams! You could even tailgate with it! Lowe’s has them on sale and featured this quick how-to HERE:

lowes (Photo courtesy of:

#3: Surprise your guests upon arrival with a personalized “Welcome Banner” for your party! You can put anything you want on the banner, but make it “yours”. We have used Fast Signs in the past. Inexpensive and they provide a quick turn-around. Maybe have two made, one for your entrance and another for the main entertainment area. Having a banner makes your party sort of “official” and eye catching.


#4: For those of watching the playoff games, the officiating has been a major issue. Have some fun with it! Give each attendee a yellow penalty flag upon arrival and tell them their also calling the big game! EASY, fun, different and memorable. (especially after a couple drinks…) You can also get “Referee Shirt” Drink holders from for about $10 for a dozen. Some others we saw online even have whistles attached to them…

penalty                  shirt

#5 Look online for “different” decorations that are also functional. We found inflatable “Football Field Goal Coolers” also at Oriental Trading for about $10 each. They look great and a couple of these at different areas of your party makes your party different and more memorable, instead of the usual metal buckets and ice….


#6 Think about the two teams playing. Theme your décor around the colors of the two Super Bowl teams, (UNLESS of course you’re all pulling for the same team!) Every major food store has balloons available designed for each of the two teams playing. Grab a few, they’re fun and good décor. Do the two teams have any special food they’re known for? If so, it’s a possible menu item for your spread, or if nothing else have some fun and try adding those colors into what you’re making.

Now that it’s just about game time…how are you morphing your Man Cave into the must-see party of the year? 😉