The Man Cave: To Give or Not to Give…

Posted on Feb 20 2014 - 9:33am by Chris Meehan

Outside the Cave –

Every city has it’s homeless people, some out panhandling on busy streets or on the on-ramps to freeways/expressways.  Most have a sign describing in short detail why they need help, and we’ve all seen the “Why lie, I want the money for beer…” signs.

Sad commentary, and in many cases all too true.  Nevertheless, it’s hard to see people in really obvious need any time of year, especially during the Holidays or when it’s freezing cold and you know it has got to be really rough for them.


You can’t help everyone in these situations, but sometimes you see someone, you’re stopped right next to them and really wish you could do something.  I’ve given some cash to women with children, but with all of our efforts know that is sometimes not a good idea and can possibly enable addiction problems. But recently I found a GREAT new way to help, and not have to worry that the gift was going to enable any of those possible problems.

MY SOLUTION – McDonald’s $ 5.00 Gift Cards! 


It’s hot food, $ 5.00 provides a decent meal, and as we all know, McDonalds is everywhere and means easy access for the person who receives the card. Brenda and I started doing this last Holiday season after we bought some Gift Cards, and we leave them in our cars for that perfect opportunity to help.  We also accompany this with a small info. card on Shelter Programs for the homeless. In producing many large-scale Las Vegas community events, we have had the privilege of  learning about many invaluable charities and community groups. Here are some groups that we support, and their websites if you’d like to learn more about how you can give:

Next Step Ministries:


Las Vegas Rescue Mission:


Street Teens:


Now, when I’m stopped on that busy street or waiting to get on the on-ramp and I see someone who really looks like they need a hand, I’ve got the perfect solution.

Try it!  You know you’re really helping (and not hurting) and it feels great! Do you have any ideas that you’d like to share about giving to the less fortunate that work for you?