The Man Cave: Tonight’s Leftovers are Tomorrow’s Omelets!

Posted on Oct 15 2014 - 8:30pm by Chris Meehan

Outside the Cave –

Over the years we got into a teenager tradition in the kitchen with the kids. Every now and then we’d have some leftovers in the fridge, and we’d all declare – “Tonight’s Left-overs are Tomorrow’s Omelets! What better way to use up delectable leftovers, than to have them for breakfast the next day? This awesome omelet idea could also be breakfast for dinner. Omelets are quick to make, and completely customizable to even the fussiest eaters…(and trust me, we had a few picky ones in our crew back in the day.)

egg1 egg2

So the day after dinner, I’m the short order chef. Heavy responsibility… 😉

While the kids are slicing and dicing veggies and fruit as side courses, toasting english muffins, and having a lot of fun as a family: I’m making the omelets! In order for the kids:

Marissa:Cheese and Diced Artichoke Hearts”


(You have to understand that artichokes are officially known as the Meehan national vegetable. Even our friends joke about it..) Anyway, this combo is Marissa’s all time favorite.

Jessi, being the picky one…kept it simple: “Cheese” (only) She’d say, “American cheese only please”, and then she’d help me add lot’s to it…

John: “The Italian Omelet”leftover pizza toppings with cheese OR spaghetti


(I’d usually heat up a little spaghetti sauce too the drizzle over the top of the omelet.) John just used to love this!

Other great leftovers to use would be: potatoes, almost any meat, veggies (Brenda’s favorite omelet has always been asparagus!), mexican food (One of my personal favorites), plus a few spices and a selection of cheese! The different combos are endless, and these options could make just about anything work into building a seriously EPIC OMELET!

And as with any group, there is always one rebel, ours is Gavin… Of course, he HATES omelets… But, being the ever creative short order chef that I am, I created what became his favorite for this little family brunch get together –


“The Egg McMeehan”

1, English Muffin
Sliced leftover ham (warmed up);
American cheese on top of the ham,
Topped with two (2) fried eggs.
…Gavin is now 30 and it’s still one of his favorites!

3P NOTE: A small but fun family TRADITION that everyone has a job in putting together, always looked forward to when they were young, still love to do sometimes when we get together as adults, and a tradition that I am quite certain they will ALL create with each of their future families!

…AND, it helps clean out the fridge!! So The Man Cave asks you: What will YOU creatively customize for YOUR kids?