Top 10 Teacher’s Day Treat-Starters: Ideas to Run With!

Posted on Oct 5 2014 - 5:07pm by Jessi Meehan

The gift of education is given everyday to kids of all ages. Here are 10 Terrific ways to say “thank you”, with gift and greeting starters to get you off and running. World Teacher’s Day, October 5th is a no-nonsense way to say thank you to your favorite teacher. Get a head-start on your homework with creative concepts for the individuals in your life that make a difference. Hand made, easily attainable…all affordable ideas…but most importantly personalized, filled with thought and love.

1. A Bag Lunch: “You’ve Got it In the Bag” as the greatest teacher ever! Pack a special lunch and download your own printable HERE to share with that special educator in your life.

school lunch bag with blank blackboard on white

2. A Cup of Thanks: A To-Go cup with a free coffee card for Starbucks or Coffee Bean can go a long way to brighten up a tired teacher’s morning! Cute cups like these can be found on for under $10!


3. Basket of Books: Help your terrific teacher fill their classroom with fresh learning material and fun, at no cost to them! Find out your teacher’s wish-list and personalize the Practically Perfect “basket of knowledge”.

eco-school-supplies-bamboo1  School-Supply-Basket

4. Chalk it Up to Learning: Say thank you on a miniature chalkboard with a new package of chalk + a gift card for Staples, Office Depot, or the Learning Store!


5. “Trade Secrets”: Keep cost down and get to know your child’s teacher by trading a thank you with a personal gift only you can offer with your skills. Hook them up with a manicure, hair cut, massage, dinner at your restaurant, a party planned by you, etc. Little to no cost, and you can share doing what you love with the teacher your student loves.

6. You Are Our Top Pick: Bring the apple orchard and more to your favorite teacher. Package Up a bag or box of seasonal fresh fruit!

7. Cookie Bouquet for the Best Teacher Ever: Next time you bake up our favorite Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookies, bake 5 extra to whip up a beautiful edible bouquet to brighten your teacher’s day! Check out the 3P How-To HERE!


8. Sweets for the Sweetest Teacher: A card with a gift certificate for candies or chocolate can go a LONG way for a teacher beyond simply buying a box to give them yoursef. Teachers may get bombarded with sugar bombs during the holidays, but need a sweet pick me up at a later date. Giving a gift card in lieu of a box, gives teachers the opportunity to stock up when they’re feeling the need for sweets!


9. “The Golden Rule: Treat Your Teachers as You’d Like to Be Treated”: Fill a gold gift bag with this gold and yellow themed gift. Include special treats you know your teacher will treasure. These Sunflowers clips are available at Dollar Tree, which can be clipped to yellow or green pencils and added to small vase! Include gold and yellow candies in matching containers or mini cello bag with ribbon and “you’re golden!”

IMG_7383         IMG_7385

10. A Picture Says 1,000 Words: A few cute classroom pics sent in an email will lighten up any educators day, especially in the middle of marking homework!

We’ve done your homework for you! Go forth and create thank you gifts and greetings for the people offering the greatest gift to your kids. Share your Teacher’s Day Thank You’s and celebrations with us on the blog and on Facebook!