Trunk or Treat Simplified + How to Save for Next Year’s Halloween Festivities!

Posted on Nov 6 2013 - 11:00am by Jessi Meehan

For the past few years, we’ve been an active part of local “Trunk or Treat” events for our local community here in Henderson. We participate with Life Springs Christian Church, and it’s always a great time for local kids and their families. So, what is “Trunk or Treat”?

Trunk or Treat is a community event that provides a safe, well lit, supervised and fun place for young children to trick or treat! Everyone gathers together, sometimes at an elementary school, community center, or church parking lot and decorates the trunk of their vehicle. People come up with some REALLY fun ideas. This year, our local Trunk or Treat was the same weekend that Brenda had 6 of her long-time girlfriends in town for the “Hag Bag Weekend”, (more on that event to come)…so it was up to Brenda, myself, and Chris to put together a cute theme on a dime and quick!  On the plane ride home from a conference, Brenda and I brainstormed up a Pirates of the Caribbean theme!


It was “Practically Perfect” because we already had so much of what we needed. I used to have a pirate themed room in my condo in LA, so oddly enough I just happened to have some life-preserver rings, anchors, fish, etc. on hand to use as décor. You could also use items from a fishing tackle box and netting you might have on-hand. We had some cute mini-treasure chests in my bedroom, a big blue bucket to use as well…and some sparkly Mardi Gras beads from another event! All we had to do was run into Lowes and the Dollar Tree store for a few extra items…(some of which were only $0.29) and it cost us under $15 to get everything we needed:

– some fun masks
– two pirate hats
– an LED creepy candelabra
– two sets of plastic treasure lock and key decor
– a few glittery, scary spiders
– a pirate hook
– some gold coin candy
– fake spider webbing


What really polished this up and made it pop was the added lighting. We used the trunk light itself, plus two large flashlights that we angled in the back. Everyone loved our car! Chris did an awesome job of handing out all the treats to the kids. He also added to the pirate theme by wearing a pirate hat, a Caribbean style shirt, and a wide belt.

You might be thinking of some inspiration for what you might want to do next year, and let me tell you…right now is the time to shop! We’ve seen great décor, fun costume pieces, and even Halloween candy & candles on sale for 50-75% off everywhere from Dollar Tree to K-Mart! Stock up on what you can while it’s cheap, and then store your finds in your Halloween Box…and you’ll be all set for next year’s festivities.  We are all about making life a little easier around here…no stress, no big expense and you’ll be ready to go! These items could also be pulled back out for a children’s pirate themed birthday party.

Do you have a Trunk or Treat event in your neighborhood? Or even a yearly Halloween tradition that you love to decorate for? See any good Halloween deals out there? Share your ideas so we can all stock up for next year!