‘Twas The Week Before Christmas: Christmas Gift Giving for Kids

Posted on Dec 18 2014 - 6:10pm by Brenda Meehan

Last year, 3P introduced the concept of gift giving to children at Club Christ Ministries, who themselves have little. It may sound crazy but that whole cliche that it’s better to give than to receive rang true as kids in low income neighborhoods scrambled to earn behavior bucks so that adults in their lives would be surprised on Christmas Morning. Inspire giving at home with a gift wrapped table prepped as a present, and motivate your little (or not so little) munchkins to jump right into the Christmas spirit!

christmas1  christ3

Simple concepts to make give giving appealing:

1. We set up a ladies gift table and men’s gift table + a cashier/checkout and wrapping area.

CS1  CS2

2. A few children at a time browse, shop, and wrap two items for loved ones in their lives.

CS6  CS5

We love this Christmas Store as much, if not more than the kids as their interaction, appreciation and innocence totally kick in our Christmas Spirit. Snowflake stickers, candy bags + cupcakes had all of us laughing and even sometimes crying. This year we had Jessi, Gavin and Carla all pitching in to help. Since it was whole family affair, it had us reminiscing of how similar values can be bestowed in a family setting.


Mid-Week Merry Meal to get the kids ready for Christmas giving!

1. Wrap your table up in 15 minutes or less: Wrap the table as a gift, add wide ribbon as table runner and a bow for shine! Fill gift bags and treat buckets with bright tissue + flameless tealights and your centerpiece is a cinch. Present place-cards as gift tags and you’re ready to get down to giving! This marvelous table method is a quick and creative way to cloth a table in a snap for any holiday celebration! We featured this at a recent get together and everyone LOVED it.

2. Create a kid friendly gift giving plan: make a list and check it twice! Children can earn gift-giving money by helping with chores around the house. Parents…be sure to keep an “earnings” list in plain sight (maybe even on the fridge) for quick chore check ins and check offs! What are some ideas each child can share to give back to their loved ones? Is it a small crafted gift? A little something from a favorite store? A hand made coupon to trade in for help with a chore? Plan a special shopping trip to spend those hard earned dollars on thoughtful gifts!

3. Package it all up: set aside time to make gift packaging creative and crafty, as we did with the kids at CCM! Gather stickers, glue paint, spare ribbon and more to decorate!

4. Jingle while you mingle at the dinner table, discuss how YOU can give back within your family this season!