Twas The Week Before Christmas: Real or Fake…The Debate Continues + Gift Giving from The Mantuary

Posted on Dec 22 2014 - 1:26pm by Chris Meehan

Inside the Cave: Man Cave: A dedicated area of the house, such as a basement, workshop, or garage where a man can be alone or socialize with his friends. My new favorite term, “Mantuary”“a sanctuary for his sanity.” (Saw that one at; loved it!)   Thank the guy in your life with a special “Man Cave” gift! I’m quite confident in saying there isn’t a person on the planet that doesn’t appreciate “having their own space” once in a while, and having watched the steady increase in male oriented ideas for that concept says the trend will strongly continue. It’s a good thing for the guys!


Now before we get to what goes UNDER the tree...we’ve got to talk about the great tree debate from last year: REAL OR FAKE? Last year the answer was a resounding REAL! This year…in order to save me from a new-found allergy to Christmas trees…we went FAKE! And the funny thing is…it couldn’t look more REAL! This year, Brenda, the kids and I went on a hunt for the perfect faux-free…and after a LOT of very careful considerations…found just the right tree for our home.  It looked REAL, very real. Dark green limbs, perfect shape and the bark looked absolutely perfect. With all of our decorations and senitmental ornaments covering each branch, this tree is a welcome addition to Christmas and will be for years to come. Sometimes, you just gotta fake it!

tree2  tree3

Man Cave themed gifts are lot’s of fun for those guys that have that special space. has lot’s of fun and inexpensive specifically themed “Man Cave” gift ideas. is similar but focuses on personalizing any Man Cave gift by putting the recipients name on it. Very cool.


cant_talk_games_on_dark_tshirt  man_cave_stainless_steel_travel_mug

Lots of guys like gadgets. I do. A very unique site is THOUSANDS of realistically priced gadget gift ideas for the guy in someone’s life (or for yourself!) They even let you specifically search target a certain type of male: Husband, Boyfriend, Boss, Brother, Grandfather, and more! Check it out! Two friends of mine both commented on the new Bose – “Over the Ear” Headphones. Supposed to be sensational if you listen to a lot of music on your i-Phone!  And this Darth Vader alarm clock is awesome!

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 10.43.37 AM  Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 10.44.03 AM


Only in Las Vegas – (you can’t make this kinda stuff up!) Article in local paper “Give a unique holiday gift: Shoot a fully automatic gun!” Yes, for that special someone you can buy a gift certificate for them to fire a fully automated Thompson machine gun for only $ 60.00. (It’s legal here, but illegal in almost all countries, probably for good reason. What would Santa say??)

All of the ones noted above have sports related gift items, but one that I’ve had the personal pleasure of working with is “worn [BUT NOT] forgotten. We’ve all had old, faded, t-shirts sporting our favorite team and we wore them till they shredded in the wash. This company reinvents vintage team t-shirts like the one’s we all physically wore, but now you can wear on your wall. (Man Cave stuff!)
worn1  worn2  worn3
Vintage team t-shirts are folded, arranged perfectly and photographed close-up as pieces of art creating timeless images that are just the thing for nay sports memorabilia collection. These pictures capture sports past and present in a truly unique way in fine

detail and brilliant color. A GREAT gift with over 300 images available featuring cities, teams and colleges. Check out

Oh well, so many places to shop, so little time. Hope these sites named above will save you some time, AND help you find that perfect gift idea for the Man Cave type of guy in your life; or for yourself!