Tying it All Together: 5 Simple Steps to Create Your Father’s Day Tablescape!

Posted on Jun 10 2014 - 9:18am by Jessi Meehan

Now that we’ve got our “manly” Father’s Day Centerpiece all sorted out, it’s time to set the table for Dad. Remember, the first (and most important) 3P Event Basic to get started: pick out and stick to…your theme! We’re going “all that is man” with a tie and bowtie theme for this table, including a few family touches, unique ideas, and Father-approved favorites!


1. Pick a color scheme to match your theme. We chose to reds, blues, and primary colors. We’re all about keeping costs and stress down, so we spent some time in the linen closet and pulled out napkins and placemats that we’ve kept on hand, but don’t feature very often. Great blues, cute stripes, and all jiving with our theme.

2. Our bow-tie table-runner anchors our centerpiece and polishes our look.  We chose to fold a blue table cloth into a even square, which we gathered in the middle with a coordinating red napkin to tie it securely. In less than 2 minutes: we had a bow-tie! Stay tuned tomorrow for an easy DIY for this and more.


3. Creating dress-shirts out of napkins? Oh yeah, we did that! My Mom had leftover red bow-ties from an event she attended not too long ago, and we thought what better way to keep tying everything together than to make dress-shirts out of our manly striped napkins? We carefully bunched our napkins into drinking glasses, and used Glue-Dots (go figure LOL) to add bow-ties to each shirt! If you’ve got some spare buttons around…the little bags of extras that come with new clothes will finally come in handy…use Glue-Dots to secure and this will add a little fashion-finish to your shirts. We’ll feature these in our DIY tomorrow too!

4. Adding the family-touch with favorite photos! We got these fantastic over-sized paperclips from the Dollar Tree when it was Gavin’s 30th birthday. They make fabulous photo-holders. We chose photos that mean a lot to all of us, with each of “the kids” included. They’re a great conversation starter too, as I know we’ll be sharing our favorite stories about Dad, as well as reminiscing about family trips at the table.


5. Tying in your favors, which double as place cards. Later this week, we’ll be featuring gift ideas for Dad, one of which I found on Pinterest, and can’t wait to share with you! But they inspired our favors for this table, and were really easy to make. My Dad’s favorite candy, in fact…the only candy I have ever seen him eat…are Peanut M&M’s. By tying a bit of ribbon in the middle of a bag of M&M’s…instant bow-tie. And the theme keeps rolling! 😉 We added blue-colored gift tags to double as name tags to each bow-tie and VOILA! Bonus: the gift tags were only 50 cents for 6 of them at Michael’s!


And of course…the centerpiece really “tied and bow-tied” it all together this time. Can’t wait to have dinner with Dad, and see the smile on his face when he sits at his very own man-table! Stick around on the blog for more Dad-love this week as we get closer to his special day.