“We’re Golden!” Top Tips to Take a Potluck to a Party Without Party Panic

Posted on Jul 14 2015 - 11:57am by Brenda and Jessi Meehan

Here’s a glimpse of how Craig and Ginny’s Festive 50th was unveiled. This:


…turned into this:


…and poof!  We had pretty tablescapes galore to delight both guests and guests of honor with just enough gold and glitz to say “Happy 50th Anniversary!”


A few tips to take a Potluck to a party: 

  • Have your largest table in the house dressed for the party and ready ahead of time, with linens, centerpiece and serving utensils. Use this table as your bountiful buffet, so as guests arrive – This makes for easy placement.
  • Designate a double to act as you to meet and greet at the door so you can focus on doling out dishes where they go and getting guests what they need to have their delectable additions ready to serve when dinner is served. (3P tip: Have oven pre-heated and extra matching serving dishes on hand just in case.)
  • Drinks and appetizers on the ready. I always like to have easy and eatable appetizers ready as people arrive, and a self-serve drink station available upon arrival for those thirsty invitees. A scatter of themed décor in all food and drink areas makes your party look like a very happening event! This allows guests to mingle while munching all while taking the pressure off the hostess with the mostest as she finishes off final touches without party panic.
  • Appropriate mood music always adds to the merriment. “My Best Friends Wedding and “The Best of Frank Sinatra” were perfect soundtracks for this group.

Ginny and Craig were so surprised! Everyone worked together for a special yet simple celebration that brought all of us together and showed good friends the love that 50 years married deserves.




The following week, awesome after party thankyou gifts were given to all of us from Ginny and Craig to show their appreciation. These “Merry Mason Jars” were filled to the brim with “Ginny Q Homemade BBQ Sauce” (a major Man Cave favorite of Chris’!) a savory treat all of us were excited about. Of course each joyful jar was topped with a thankful love label.

Stay tuned for a few of the favorite eats from our smorgasbord that is sure to show up at my next summer shindig.