We’re Loving Making Valentine’s Day Last a Bit Longer!

Posted on Feb 17 2014 - 12:31pm by Jessi Meehan

We hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day weekend…and now it’s President’s Day! If you’re lucky enough to have a bit of a day off, enjoy it.

If you’re going to be doing any running around…a little 3P BONUS: Pier 1 is having a sale on Valentine’s decor for next year at 50% off…and Michael’s has 70% off too! Grab some pieces and stock up your event boxes while you can. Check out the online sales and inspiration here:



Looking back on all of the Valentine’s Day festivities, we feel pretty fortunate to have so many people we love, and people who love 3P! I was blessed enough to receive some incredible floral arrangements for V-Day, and even more blessed that my Mom found a way to preserve my flowers long after the holiday! Do you ever wonder what to do with your roses when they start to wilt, but you’re not ready to say “goodbye” yet? If you take a few minutes, some scissors, your favorite bowl, and your flowers….you can still take time to smell the roses a bit longer!

I snipped a few pink roses from one arrangement, and a few red from this cute bouquet below:


Added fresh water to a perfect crystal bowl, arranged my flowers just-so…

rose2 copy

…and look! It’s bright, beautiful, and works GREAT as a quick centerpiece! If you had less flower buds, but needed a little light, you could also add small floating candles.

Speaking of being blessed with so many people who love us…our dear friend Marie sent us some photos of her fabulous Valentine’s Day table that she crafted with some 3P inspiration in mind. Look at how beautiful her table turned out: she nailed so many 3P basics like: anchoring her centerpiece, adding light, using dimension, arranging pieces in odd numbers, and personalizing with favors. But the most important thing, is that Practically Perfect Planner’s goal is to show how to put the fun and ease back into entertaining with your own personal style. That’s exactly what Marie did!



She even started the party with some hearts on her front door!


We love your table, Marie! Thank you so much for sharing with us!

Did you do anything special over the weekend with your loved ones? Have a table or an idea you’d like to share or need help with? Email us at: jessi@practicallyperfectplanner.com or brenda@practicallyperfectplanner.com! We would love the chance to see your creativity at work.