When Life Gives You Lemons…Make Lemonade! (Or a Really Lovely Gift/Centerpiece)

Posted on Jul 23 2014 - 4:00pm by Jessi Meehan

Need a swift gift idea to make a friend or family member feel uplifted when life hands them lemons? Look no further! You often hear that saying “When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Lemonade”…and sometimes a special friend in your life may deserve a pick me up, or even a few “kudos” for getting through a tough time. Here’s another 3P spin on creative and “citrus-y” gift giving! We even created a printable to share! Download your copy HERE!

pitcher of lemonade

You can pick up these great glass (or plastic) beverage spouts for between $15-35 at stores like Target! When they’re on sale…they’re a real steal. Mom scored one of these years ago as a gift it’s become a staple at many of our parties! You can use them as unique packaging for this bright gift, and of course it doubles as a really pretty pitcher for lemonade and other drinks! If glass isn’t quite in your budget…the Dollar Tree has plastic pitchers with yellow lids that will definitely do the trick!


We dove into our Sunshine event-box to pull out bright and tangy pieces for this one-of-a-kind yellow-rind gift! LOL Everything from Lemonade mix, to lemon candy, lemon napkins, lemon soap, faux lemon, a lemon juicer, and more!


When you “juice up” the whole gift…your recipient will be drinking in happiness for sure. That’s what love is all about! Have you seen any great lemony gems out there that we might have missed? We’re always on the lookout for awesome items on sale!

Lemonade is one of my personal favorite beat the heat beverages! I swear by Trader Joe’s Low-Calorie Lemonade! The Low Calorie Lemonade is totally guilt-free, organic, and delicious at only 40 calories per serving! They feature it in their weekly “Fearless Flyer” fairly often, and you can learn more HERE! What’s YOUR favorite lemony drink for summer?

(Photo Courtesy of Fearless Flyer)

Another idea for when life (or the grocer!) hands you lemons…is it to make a swift and summery centerpiece! If you have a punch bowl, a large vase, some hurricane glass, or even a fruit bowl itself (who’d have thought!?)….you can add your lemons, a bit of ribbon, and create a luscious lemony centerpiece for a whole party to enjoy. 3P Event Basic: We save the yellow netting from our lemons, which can add a country-touch and can really pull together your piece at no additional cost!


Our fruit bowl was anchored to the table with a lemon paper napkin, and we tied raffeta around our few “faux fruit” for a rustic feel!

lemoncent1 lemoncent2

Or if minimalism is more your “thing”…you can for-go the napkin, and add just a touch of yellow netting to “tie” everything together in your bowl. These quick and easy summer centerpieces are sure to brighten any party, dinner, or buffet!

Now the question is: when life hands YOU lemons…what will YOU do? 🙂 Let us know in a comment or share your lemonade stories on Facebook!