When the Aunts Take Over: 3P Prep for House-guests!

Posted on Mar 28 2014 - 10:45am by Brenda Meehan

The gift of entertaining can be just that, with 3P tips that help you be prepared and excited for house guests rather than stressed out and overwhelmed with additional people in your space. Living in Vegas, many of my friends and family live abroad (from Canada all the way to Mexico!), so early in our marriage we have always welcomed and encouraged visitors.


This winter, we have seen many of my dearest friends and family and have enjoyed many wonderful visits. My sisters Tracy and Bev (with some of her family too!), my oldest friends Rena and Brady, as well as Nancy, AND my Aunt Lana were all on the guest list!

A few 3P Event Basics for entertaining House Guests:

  1. A Clean House is a Clean Canvas…and that is the initial starting point of stress-free visits. I know this sounds very basic but in talking to people and even in my own experience…as soon as a visit is scheduled there is a panic that happens – let’s get it out now – your friends are coming to see YOU and they know your living space! It doesn’t have to be perfect! Practically Prefect tips include:

– Scheduling a cleaning service close to your visit

– If you don’t have a cleaning service, focus a few hours on making sure that the guest bathroom, bedroom, living space, and kitchen are picked up and tidied.

– I also keep antibacterial cleansing wipes in all of the bathrooms for easy convenient cleaning for myself and for guests. You could pick up this idea too. Visit an e-store like thecleaningcollective.co.uk or a local utility store near you to check for availability.

2. Guest Bedroom Prep:

– Always add a bottle of water or two

– Select a bit of customized reading material you know your guest will enjoy

– A few snacks and items ready to go says “Welcome” and is convenient as well as cost effective.

IMG_1402 copy

– I always keep fresh towels, as well as travel toiletries on hand for guests arrival too…that way it’s ready to go at a moments notice and it helps everyone feel more at home!

IMG_1357 copy

3. Grocery Shopping:

– Be sure to purchase a couple of “Help Yourself” items, before arrivals.

– Veggies and dip

– Whole fruits

– Deli meats and rolls

– Olives and pickles

– Snacks like chips, salsa, crackers, and cheese

– Muffins, oatmeal, coffee, fruit, eggs, orange juice, cereal, etc for breakfast

IMG_1371 copy

– One or two pre-made items such as soup, chili or casserole. The more that’s done ahead of time, the more time you have to enjoy your visiting family and friends!

**If you have these items on hand, encourage guests to help themselves when hungry, this will relieve a lot of the pressure of feeding a larger group of people. These items will also take care of a lot of the meal planning. Dinners can always be decided when your guests arrive, and can be easily catered to their tastes or favorites. With people traveling through different timezones and dealing with jet-lag and time changes, having meals and snacks they can help themselves to is really helpful and takes the pressure off. We will also often pick a night or two to go out and sample some local Vegas cuisine, or even order take out to keep it simple.

4. Discussing expectations before guests arrive so that they can customize their own visit:

– Do they need a rental car?

– What would they like to do?

– What would you like to show them around town?

– Do they have anyone they need to also pay a visit to?

– Do they have certain activities or shows they want to attend, that might have “blackout” or “dark” dates to consider?

– What is YOUR schedule so that everyone is on the same page?

5. Enjoy your friendships, and don’t fret! This will be your best visit yet! Have fun and as always…if you have any questions or need a tip or two to entertain your next house guest…hit us up on Facebook or leave a comment on the blog….we are always happy to help!

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  1. Elizabeth March 28, 2014 at 11:03 am -

    As a past guest in your home-I have to say-you do this SO well-felt right at home and more than welcome!!

    • Brenda Meehan March 31, 2014 at 9:29 am -

      Oh Elizabeth, thank you! I so enjoy having you here with us, and can’t wait to see you again soon. 🙂

  2. Tania Atack March 28, 2014 at 2:52 pm -

    I have never felt as welcome as when I come to see you guys. It all blends easlly and yes, you are right, helps to be prepared. We always feel right at home!
    Nothing like great friends, good times and yes good health!!
    For all you do for us we bless you! hugs. MB or PPPal

    • Jessi Meehan March 31, 2014 at 9:28 am -

      Thank you so much Tania! We absolutely love when you and Brian come to visit, and having you here makes our house feel even more like a home for us too! 😉