6 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wishes You Would Do

Posted on Jul 13 2014 - 9:07am by Brenda Meehan

Not only is it wedding season, worldwide…it’s been wedding WEEK here at 3P. We’re fortunate to work with some incredible people, and our friend Kendra is no exception. Kendra’s How-To’s will ensure your wedding day is “Practically Perfect”. Kendra is a local photographer here in Las Vegas, with her company YellowWood Photography. We asked Kendra to share some tips and tricks of the trade with us…and she did! How lucky are we? 

Original Post and All Photography By: Kendra Dyson

In the age of Pinterest and blogging, all of us have a wealth of wedding ideas at our fingertips. We plan each and every detail, from the napkin folds to the centerpieces, yet often we forget to plan one of the most important details… the photographs. Memorable images of your special day aren’t an accident. They take time, talent and planning. Yes, you hire a professional photographer, but you can still do a few things to make their job easier and your’s less hectic. So here are 6 things your wedding photographer wishes you would do.


1. Stop Pinning!
OK, I admit it. Even though I photograph weddings, I had a wedding Pinterest Board. Guilty. All of those picturesque photos are simply too tempting. It’s a wonderful place to collect ideas; however, when you expect your photographer to replicate those moments, you’re destined to be disappointed. First, many of those photographs take hours of time. Second, those moments are nearly impossible to replicate. They often just happen and the photographer is talented enough to capture them. Third, you selected the photographer for more than just their camera. You hired their creativity and talent. Let them exercise it and you will be able to pin photos for others to envy.


2. Consider a First Look (or Plan an Activity for your Guests)
Some of the most beautiful moments I have ever witnessed have been first looks. Few on-lookers and no nerves, just the two of you seeing each other on your wedding day. One couple I knew even wrote each other a letter. By doing your photographs before the wedding, your hair will be perfect, your dress will be crisp, your feet won’t hurt and you’ll be able to transition into the reception with little delay. If it’s just not for you, make sure you create an activity for your guests to fill the time (be sure to include a snack and drinks).


3. Be Early or Bring a Time Machine
Great photographs require time. By running late, you cheat yourself of the wonderful moments that could have been captured. So, ask your organized, on-time bridesmaid to wear a watch. That or invent a time-machine.


4. Hire a Make-Up Artist (or take these tips)
Make-up really can make a huge difference. Not that you need to alter your appearance, but good make-up can truly enhance your natural beauty. Perhaps consider airbrushing…(it stays on forever) If you simply cannot afford it, invest in two things: a spray that will help set the make-up, and false eyelashes. Also, practice your make-up a few times and try different looks. Lastly, avoid shimmer and sparkles. The flash will turn them into sweat and dandruff.


5. Plan for Sunset (and select an outdoor location)
Sunset is literally called, ”The Magic Hour” by photographers. Plan to begin your photographs about an hour and a half before it and you will be as pleased as sherbet punch. Also, if your wedding and reception does not have a picturesque, outdoor landscape, consider traveling to a nearby park. One with large trees, bridges, etc. if preferable.


6. Relax and Have Fun
The most important part of the day is that you are married by the end of it. The second most important part is that you enjoy it. Don’t let wilted family members, late flowers or a misplaced groom steal your joy (or any combination thereof).


Thank you SO much, Kendra! These tips from Kendra are just what any bride-to-be needs to save both time and money for her special day!  Check out Kendra’s Facebook page HERE! 3P wishes you your own “Happily Ever After”!