Man Cave Superbowl Party: JUMP IN THE POOL!

Posted on Jan 23 2014 - 9:47am by Chris Meehan

(This is LOTS of fun, and you can download it below!)

Inside the Cave –

OK, you’ve invited your friends/family and the food and drinks are all planned, and everyone is excited to see a great game between Seattle and Denver, plus all the great Super Bowl commercials.  The Cave is getting decorated, the HD TV’s all set, the surround sound ready to thunder, great food and beverages planned…but what are you missing?



A REALLY FUN and inexpensive betting game that keeps all of your guests even more excited every minute of the game to see if they are going to win a cash Super Bowl Pool betting prize (based on the score of the game) and is extremely easy to set up and manage at any football party.  And even more than the money, a 3P event basic is – encouraging guest involvement always makes for a more interactive and fun party!

It takes less than 5 minutes to set up, and it’s worth it! (If you have used it before, please see my note below on “Important Suggestion.”)

To download the 3P Football Betting Pool click here.

Football Betting Pool How-To’s –


Pool Bets (one quick decision):

– Decide how much you want each square to be worth.  (There are 100 squares.)
–  If you do 25 cents per square, then the pool is worth $ 25.00.
– If you do 50 cents per square, then the pool is worth $ 50.00.
– If you do $ 1.00 per square, then the pool is worth $ 100.00 (and so on…) Most popular is $ 1.00 per square.

Anyone that wants to participate buys a square (or squares) and writes their name inside that square.

*3P Tip #1:  Best to create a limit on how many squares a person can buy at the beginning of the buying of squares so a few people don’t dominate the board.

*3P Tip #2: You should have participating quests fill in all squares on the board BEFORE kick-off.
Always collect the bet money as people fill in their squares, DO NOT wait for later, trust me on this…

Getting Started before the game (takes 2 minutes):

– Make 10 small pieces of paper, and on each one write a number from 0 to 9.
–  Put them in a bowl and then have someone at the party pull one paper out.
–  That number gets written on the one of the GREEN squares for the first team.
– Keep going until all ten GREEN (10) squares have been assigned a number. Then do the same thing for the second team.

*3P Tip #3:  You want to do this AFTER the white squares are all filled in so that people can’t pick the best football numbers like 0, 1, 3, 4, 7….


How Someone Wins: At the end of football game you take the final scores from each team and apply those numbers to the pool grid.

Example.  Final Score: Team 1 scored 35 points and Team 2 scored 24. Go to the green line for Team 1 and find the 5, and then cross reference across the grid with the Team 2 green square number 4.   If the score was 13 to 9, you’d use the 3 and the 9. When you go down and across the grid with the winning two numbers, you connect at the winning square.


I strongly suggest not just using the FINAL score of the game to determine a winner.  While it’s still fun, there is only one winner and it takes the entire game to determine anything.  Instead have a winner, by QUARTER.  Whatever the score is at the end of the first quarter by team , use the same method to see who has that winning square.  They win 25% of the dollar pool amount.  Do the same at halftime, the end of the third quarter, and then the end of the game.  Each winner gets 25% of the dollar pool amount. 

3P Tip #4:  This REALLY keeps everyone’s interest going at an even higher level as anyone can win each quarter, and you’ll see your guests constantly checking to see who’s now winning each time the score changes.  It’s simply a lot of extra fun!

Also, I suggest taping the Pool Square Sheet to a glass door or window where everyone can easily walk up and check the status.  This will happen a lot throughout the game. You also want the sheet somewhere where it can’t be moved during the football game.

Family favorite:  If you have some squares left or want to include a family member(s) that aren’t there but will be watching the game elsewhere, you can buy them a square(s) and call them to let them know what their “grid numbers” are.  They’ll have fun watching the game scores too from where they are to see if they win in YOUR football pool.

You can download your Superbowl Betting Pool Sheet HERE! ENJOY!

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  1. Tania Atack January 23, 2014 at 12:01 pm -

    I will let Brian look after the betting as I am sure there will betting going On here.
    I just want to watch the game and yes I will be probably the only girl glued to the Television.
    I am soooo into this Super Bowl, that we are going to celebrate my B’day the night before…go figure!!!
    Love you guys. MB or PPPal