T’was The Week Before Christmas: Winter Tablescape Wow’s + a Quick and Colorful Meal!

Posted on Dec 19 2014 - 7:00pm by Jessi Meehan

Winter wonderland can start at home with a 3 element tablescape that can carry you right through the season and ring in the New Year! By gathering pinecones, harvesting whole nuts, and adding a few snowflakes (paper, that is…LOL) you’ll have a winter wonderland table plan sorted out in minutes! Add a crisp and flavorful winter salad, plus warm and spicy green chicken curry to the menu…you’ll be warming up your winter week in no time!

IMG_1127 IMG_1145

First things first:

1. Lay out a tablecloth in a darker color. Blues work beautifully here, and will allow silvery items to shine!

2. Stack up essentials to create a sensational centerpiece: a pedestaled plate, topped with a silver charger dressed in pinecones is a FAB start. Sprinkle whole nuts throughout for rustic texture and color contrast, and for the final touch…add a string or two of battery operated LED lights. Their signature white glow creates a twinkling polish.


3. Set out bright white plates with a silver lining! These chargers will ground each place setting while providing winter sparkle. Simple white napkins, and clear or crystal glasses coordinate perfectly. Add a votive for light!

IMG_1091 copy

4. Now for those snowflakes! You can learn how to make crafty paper snowflakes HERE from Martha Stewart. Easy instructions and you can make them as large or small, as simple or intricate as you’d like. We kept it simple, as that’s a super important 3P Event basic! These paper cuties can be saved for future use and really add a homey feel to winter tables!


5. Last but not least: add a pinecone to each place setting to anchor down your place cards, and then it’s time to get a little nutty…scatter a few more whole nuts around your table and VOILA! Your winter wonderland has begun!

On to our delectable winter mid-week menu: Crisp Salad with Pomegranate, Blue Cheese, and Pecans…A Fresh addition to our Go-To SALAD GUIDE!! Click HERE to flip through for more holiday salad Go-To’s!


– One container Baby Greens, about 6-8 cups
– One whole Pomegranate
– Blue cheese crumbles, about one cup
– Toasted Pecans, a handful or two

1. Start with this quick “party hack” for pomegranates: cut your pomegranate in half, and set aside. Fill a bowl with cold water. Place half of your pomegranate under the water, and gently break it apart with your hands while keeping it submerged. The seeds will sink, and the rest will float! Repeat this with the 2nd half of your pomegranate, and then scoop out your seeds. They can be stored in the cold water in the fridge for a few days if needed!

2. Dress your greens as you prefer, and then layer on toppings of pomegranate, blue cheese, and pecans.

Next on the menu:

IMG_1161 copy

Trader Joe’s Green Thai Curry Chicken with Jasmine Rice: this recipe is courtesy of our reader Olivia! She whipped this up for a night with friends and we simply HAD to make it at home!

– Chicken Breasts, cut into medium sized chunks
– One jar Trader Joe’s Green Thai Curry Simmer Sauce
– a few large handfuls of fresh Snow Peas
– one bag of Trader Joe’s Frozen Jasmine Rice


1. Brown your chicken on medium heat with a touch of olive oil, add snow peas once chicken has browned.

2. Pour in your simmer sauce, and allow ingredients to simmer for:

3. While that’s cookin’…pop your rice in the microwave (according to instructions) for 3 minutes.

4. Fluff rice onto a platter, spoon chicken, snowpeas and sauce over rice and serve HOT!

We hope you enjoy “Waaaalkin’ in a wiiiinter wonderlaaaaand ” with this woodland table plan and colorful Christmas-y meal!

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  1. Tania Atack December 20, 2014 at 4:59 am -

    Great table Scapes for Xmas and so easy. Loved your recipe so there goes another one to try when we get together with our family.
    Love you guys. Tania