Our New Gelato Favorite + A Sensational Ice Cream Sundae Gift!

Posted on Aug 11 2014 - 4:01pm by Jessi Meehan

Don’t you just LOVE the taste of Italian Gelato? We’ve been seeing the commercials for Breyer’s Gelato everywhere…and it SUNG to us! There’s just something so refreshing and light about it…but now you don’t even have to travel across the Atlantic for a refreshing treat!  We went into our local Albertsons and found in ON SALE for $3.00 in the freezer section! Only three bucks for incredible Italian style gelato? We’ll take it!


When the weather is warm like this, nothing beats a cool dessert. We served this gelato on a hot summer night to my sister Marissa and to a girlfriend of mine… and OH MY GOSH was it good! Learn more about Breyer’s Gelato and their fantastic flavors HERE!


We chose the triple chocolate…because come on…sometimes a girl’s just have her chocolate! Added a few strawberry slices and it was honestly like sitting in cafe outside Positano with my best gal pals, having a night in Italy. We couldn’t believe how light and airy the gelato was, with the creamy white chocolate sauce throughout. It was absolutely HEAVENLY. We even claimed it was like eating “amplified chocolate mousse”. With dark chocolate and milk chocolate gelato + tiny shavings of MORE chocolate on top…you would think it would be a bit too rich but it honestly was fluffy, sweet, and just right. It’s only about 160 calories per serving, which isn’t TOO bad…so with the sugar, etc…the guilt-level was about mid-range. LOL.

I can’t WAIT to share this with the rest of my family, and also try some of Breyer’s other flavors.


You just cannot beat having real Italian gelato at home for less than $1.00 a serving! Head out to your local Albertsons and grab some of this light summery Italian treat while you can, and before the sale melts! 😉

As an added 3P BONUS…if you’re heading to a summer “SUNDAE” dinner and you’re in charge of dessert…we’ve got the Practically Perfect Hostess gift that doubles as a DIY dessert station!


Recycled salad boxes serve as awesome gift boxes at no cost! Before you “toss” those salad boxes, be sure to rinse them out and store them safely for your next gift wrap on the go. We added some scrumptious strawberry ice cream from our favorite local Las Vegas dairy: Anderson’s! What would a “sundae” station be without chocolate sauce, hot fudge, strawberry topping, whipped cream, and of course…nuts wrapped up in a cello bag! You could also add fresh seasonal berries to the mix as well. Be sure to include a cute “scoop” (these were featured at Fresh & Easy for about $2.99!) and a little bit of tissue to make it pop. Your hostess will surely MELT when she receives this saucy take on dessert!

What icey summer desserts have you tried this season? Do you have a local favorite from your neck of the woods?

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  1. Tania Atack August 16, 2014 at 2:12 pm -

    Yummm, Yummm Chocolate gelato works for me!!!
    It will be in my next grocery list…for sure….Can’t wait.